Research areas

  • Internet of Things

  • Multi Agent Systems

  • Smart Energy

  • Cloud Computing

    Vendor neutral APIs, Cloud Agency for services brokering, SLA monitoring and resource reconfiguration, Cloud ontology, Semantic Engine, Dynamic Semantic Discovery Service, Portability and Interoperability, User-centric SLA, Cloud Computing benchmarking, Performance evaluation and prediction.

  • Software Engineering

    Automatic code parallelization towards Multi-Many cores+GPUs, Techniques and tools for automated reverse engineering, Software modernization and restructuring, Business Process Management, Content Management, Performance prediction, Agent based static and dynamic design.

  • Knowledge Engineering, Semantic and Big Data Intelligence 

    Semantic based information retrieval and question answering systems, Automatic classification of documents and Web sites, Derivation of Ontology and annotations from unstructured corpora and Web sites, Automatic extraction of domain oriented thesauri, Web and Cloud services discovery, Rule based expert systems, Evolutionary, Connectionist and Swarm intelligence, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition.

  • High Performance Computing on Parallel and Distributed Architectures

     High level programming models and languages for multi\many-cores, GPGPUs, FPGAs, Hierarchical distributed/shared memory systems, MPI/PVM/OpenMP and multithreading technologies, Cluster and Grid platforms, High Performance Cloud, Mobile Agents for embedded and ubiquitous computing and grid services, Neural Networks, Plasma simulation, Parallel OLAP systems, Data-driven parallelization, Agent based services for management and reconfiguration, Distributed models for Multi Agent Systems, Swarm intelligence, Mobile devices reconfiguration and localization in pervasive environments.

  • Formal modeling, verification and validation for Complex and Critical Systems

    Testing of large-scale complex critical software, Verification of planning for multi-agent and real time systems, Verification of QOS specifics for SOA applications, Software requirement validation and dependability analysis, Security and reliability validation and enforcement.

  • Networking and Network Security

    High performance networking protocols and architectures, Network design, analysis and optimization, Routing and scheduling protocols and algorithms for optical and wireless networks, Security and privacy, Attack, intrusion and anomaly detection, Evolutionary security architectures.

  • Cognitive Science

    Qualitative and quantitative verbal\nonverbal emotional interactional communication features, Mathematical modeling of human behavior in interaction and adaptation dynamics, Behavioral and contextual analysis of human-human and human-machine interactions

  • Data stream mining

    Clustering of sensor data, Summarization of highly evolving data streams, Classification of sensor data, Functional Data Analysis and clustering, Forecasting, Regression Methods, Spatial prediction, Outlier detection.

  • Distribution data

     Clustering and regression on distributions, Principal component analysis spatial prediction.

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